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Conclusion and future directions

Microwave irradiation was applied to syntheses of ETBE from biomass-deriveable alcohols (TBA and EtOH). The maximum yield obtained under atmospheric conditions was low at around 30%, which agreed with our previous studies on reactive distillation and the results obtained by other researchers. Performing the experiments in a sealed reactor at a micro­wave power of 350W, and irradiation time of 1 […]

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Biodiesel extraction methods

З.1.2.1. One step transesterification For the synthesis of biodiesel, the following materials were used: oil sample (FFM Sdn Bhd), methanol (Merck 99%), and potassium hydroxide (KOH) as a catalyst (HMGM Chemicals >98%). Methanol and potassium hydroxide were pre-mixed to prepare potassium methox — ide, and then added to oil in the reactor with a mixing speed of 400 rpm for […]

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