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Transportation Costs

We assume that the ethanol production facility will be located to minimize the cost of transporting feedstock materials. Studies suggest that distances greater than 40-50 miles become unprofitable for utilizing agricultural waste as biomass feedstock (15). In our analysis, we assume that the cost of transportation to the ethanol facility is zero, because our goal is to compare production costs […]

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Feedstock Supply, Logistics,. Processing, and Composition

Jim Hettenhaus1 and David Morris2 1cea Inc, Charlotte, NC; and2Institute for Local Self Reliance, Minneapolis, MN For large, economic, and sustainable harvest of biomass feedstock, major changes in cropping practice, collection, storage, and transportation are required. The challenges faced in supplying 0.7-1 million dry short tons (dt) for a single biorefinery are huge—five times larger than previous attempts.

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Small-Column Experiments

Unsterile straw stems were used in all experiments because steriliza­tion of large quantities of straw for construction of large windrows would be uneconomical and impractical. For this strategy to be effective, it was necessary that the inoculated fungus be able to compete with the indig­enous organisms in the straw. Since white-rot fungi dominate in nature under conditions of nitrogen deprivation […]

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Hydrodynamic Separation of Grain and Stover

Discussion The specific gravity of particles changed with their size. Intact grain was much denser than coarsely chopped stover components. However, when material was finely ground, the density of all components increased and no further difference in density was observed. The results suggest that stalk and leaf have more micropores than husk and cob while grain had the least micropores. […]

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Ethanol Prices and Net Returns

Ethanol prices vary, over time, with changes in ethanol and corn pro­duction decisions, political statements from Washington regarding fuel policy, and expectations regarding the potential adoption of a national renewable fuels standard. These factors and others have caused moderate volatility in ethanol prices in recent years. Over the longer term, ethanol prices have been less volatile. For example, from January […]

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