Future trends and concluding remarks

It can be foreseen that bioethanol production is expected increase continuously in Brazil, due to the growing investments in this field. New distilleries are being built, resulting in almost 400 operating plants all over the country (MAPA, 2011). They will be producing near 30 billion liters of ethanol in the next season. Although bioethanol production in Brazil is considered a […]

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Fed-batch fermentation process

The fed-batch process presents basically the following characteristics: the treated ferment (inoculum) is transferred from the treatment tank to the fermentors through pumping. With transfer concluded, feeding of substratum to be fermented starts until the final fermentor volume is reached. After fermentor is filled, sugar draining is expected. After sugar is converted into alcohol and other products, the fermented medium […]

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CBP organismal development

While several microorganisms can be found in nature with the ability to produce the required enzymes to hydrolyse all the polysaccharides found in lignocellulose, there is no organism with the ability to directly hydrolyze these polysaccharides and ferment the liberated sugar to a desired product such as ethanol at rates and titers required for economic feasibility (Hahn- Hagerdal et al., […]

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