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Methods of Modeling Tests

Model tests of the component units of HRAs are, along with calculations, the main tool for the experimental substantiation of the construction at the stage of technical project development. The tests were performed with model samples of component units under laboratory conditions. A specific feature of these studies is the separate influence of different action conditions. The complex action was […]

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Thermal Test Methods

The thermal properties in different temperature ranges were measured by different methods using different setups. Comparative estimates of the thermal diffusivity a, the heat conduction X, the heat capacity C, and the electric resistance p were made by fast transient methods with a typical accuracy of ±10% in the temperature range from 300 to 1,000 K. The heat conduction of […]

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Methods of Structural Researches

Metallographic and X-ray diffraction analysis was widely used in the investiga­tion of materials. The lattice period and phase components in carbide composi­tions were determined by standard methods using URS-50IM and DRON-3 X-ray setups. The chemical and phase compositions of materials were studied by the known instrumental methods of chemical, physicochemical, emission spectroscopy, atomic spectroscopy, and X-ray diffraction analysis. In addition, […]

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