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Comments About Nuclear-Pumped Laser Research in the United States

13.1 Introduction This book primarily discusses NPL research in Russia. The Russian program has been larger and remains active whereas work in the United States and elsewhere has dwindled. Shortly after the end of the Cold War, two circumstances combined to cause stoppage of NPL work. While the military need ceased, public opposition to nuclear power mounted following the Three […]

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Optical Fibers

In experiments with pulsed and stationary reactors, optical fibers are used to withdraw the laser or luminescent radiation from the region close to the reactor core to the registering instruments located behind the biological shielding. The influence of reactor radiation on the properties of the optical fibers was examined in a number of studies (see for example [40, 45]).

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Luminescence Characteristics

This section provides a brief survey of research on the luminescent spectra of gas media at high pressure in the visible and near IR spectral ranges with excitation by nuclear radiation and fast electron beams. The results of spectral-luminescence investigations in the UV range, aimed at creation of powerful excimer sources of coherent and spontaneous radiation, are not examined here, […]

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Optical Inhomogeneities in Sealed NPLs

8.1 Inhomogeneities in Cylindrical Cells The short ranges of fission fragments causes a specific energy deposition inhomo­geneities which, along with excited gas heat exchange with laser cell walls, leads to spatial density redistribution, i. e., to the violation of active medium optical homo­geneity. As noted in paper [1], with a reference to the 1980 report of A. N. Sizov and […]

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