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Explosion pressure wave (chemical explosion)

Like an airplane crash, an explosion pressure wave is rated as an extremely rare event (safety level 4), and thus qualifies as beyond design system status. An explosion pressure wave is a chemical explosion in the form of a deflagration (pressure rising relatively quickly, building up reflected pressure). It may be caused by using explosives or if a high-energy container […]

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The demand for energy

As the world’s population grows, the demand for primary energy, and hence electrical energy, is growing massively with it. At the same time, the demand for individual electrical power is increasing, especially as the so-called emerging nations are seeing their energy demand soar as they strive to become industrialised. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that businesses and private households […]

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Reinforced concrete containments with steel liners

With reinforced concrete containments with steel liners, the reinforced concrete structure ensures the structural integrity, and the steel liner the gas-tightness. A reinforced concrete containment is about as strong as a pre-stressed concrete one if the stressing steel is replaced with the concrete steel in proportion to their respective yield stresses. With the massive concrete cross-sections usually found in building […]

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Waterproofing concept using the example of the OL3 nuclear power plant

We will now look in outline at the waterproofing concept selected at the OL3 nuclear power plant in Finland. Buildings always conduct their loads via base slabs into the underlying rock. The difference in heights between the rock excavated and the underside of the building floor slab, which may be considerable in some cases, is made up for by using […]

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