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Requirements of waterproofing structures

With nuclear power plants, system components must be protected against effects so that they can do their job in operating conditions as intended and if accidents arise [92]. This puts additional requirements on waterproofing structures. Including external effects (earthquakes, aircraft impact, explosion pressure waves) and internal effects from accidents as the case may be, structure waterproofing is subject not only […]

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Pre-stressed concrete containments with steel liners

Not all structural sections are pre-stressed, even in pre-stressed concrete containments. Pressurised water reactors have cylindrical containments with cupolas on top. The cylinder walls and cupola are pre-stressed, the base slab is not. Boiling water reactors, on the other hand, have flat cylindrical covers; only the cylinder walls being pre­stressed. Pre-stressing increases the containment’s serviceability, i. e. it keeps defor­mation […]

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Interface between plant and structural engineering

The inspection required to be approved under the Atomic Energy Act includes a holistic examination of the safety precautions of the building structures. This involves defining the interface between the building structures (structural engineering) and plant components (plant engineering) and hence the distinction between construction and atomic energy law. Generally speaking, plant components such as pipes and containers are part […]

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Extraordinary actions involved when designing nuclear installations

5.1 Overview Compared with designing conventional structures, designing system components and structural systems for nuclear power plants is subject to the maximum safety require­ments, which means safety systems for managing incidents must be designed to withstand extraordinary actions at safety levels 3 and 4 (cf. Section 2, Table 2.2 and DIN 25 449 [15]). These rare and extremely rare actions […]

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