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Reinforcing steel

One essential characteristic of reinforcing steel in nuclear installations is how ductile it is and hence how readily the internal forces and moments can be redistributed. This characteristic is an essential factor in deciding how robust structures are. These characteristics are particularly important when it comes to extreme extraordinary actions such as aircraft impact or earthquakes to dissipate the energy […]

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Waterproofing of structures

7.2 Purposes on waterproofing structures Structures are waterproofed primarily to protect them against penetrating water, which may appear as soil humidity, non-accumulating seepage water, accumulating seepage water, unpressurised surface water and water pressing in from outside. Waterproofing is also used to contain radioactively contaminated liquids arising inside them, particularly in safety-related structures in nuclear power plants.

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Design and Construction of Nuclear Power Plants

The “Concrete Yearbook” is a very important source of information for engineers involved in design, analysis, planning and production of concrete structures. It is published on a yearly basis and offers chapters devoted to various subjects with high actuality. Any chapter gives extended information based on the latest state of the art, written by renowned experts in the areas considered. […]

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Quality assurance, material quality

General Technical Approvals state that headed studs for anchor plates must only be made of unalloyed steels in materials group SD1 and stainless steels in group SD3 to DIN EN ISO 13918 [73]. For quality assurance purposes, and to certify compliance, materials and production are inspected continuously in the workshop; the production is also monitored by an independent certification body. […]

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