Analysis of the possible types of accidents

Compared to other reactor types, high-temperature gas-cooled reactors have a higher degree of safety. Sudden introductions of large amounts of reactivity are not possible in the foreseeable design. In the following paragraphs various types of accident will be analysed: the list includes all accidents foreseeable with the present designs, but any new design may carry with it new sources of […]

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CEGB programme

In the same period of time a series of room-temperature critical experiments on the zero energy HITREX reactor have been performed at the CEGB Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories. The HITREX-I core had a prismatic HTR lattice containing fuel of two types— teledial and annular—in a zone 2 m high of twenty-seven hexagonal blocks (399.5 mm across flats) surrounded by graphite reflectors. […]

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Experiments on pebble-bed configurations

The CESAR facility in Cadarache has been transformed to load in its centre fuel of the pebble-bed type (~ 10,000 elements) with 3.5% enriched uranium/41’ Some compari­sons between theory and calculations are given in refs. 42, 43 and 44. The relative conversion ratio was calculated with an error of 3%, spectral indices could also be calculated with good accuracy. Control-rod […]

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