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The Detroit Power Outage: A Lesson for Cities about Microgrids

Firefighters were forced to rescue people trapped in stalled elevators. Schools shut down at lunch time. The Detroit Free Press had harsh words for city leadership. How would microgrids help? First let’s look at why Detroit’s power system failed so badly. The power outage was triggered by a cable failure that took down an already weak system. Unfortunately, blackouts are […]

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Growth Energy pooh-poohs University of Minnesota report’s ethanol analysis

In Washington, the University of Minnesota recently released a report entitled “Life Cycle Air Quality Impacts Of Conventional And Alternative Light-Duty Transportation In the United States,” which contains significant flaws in regards to their analysis of ethanol. Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy, released a statement regarding the report, railing it as “misleading, inaccurate” and running counter to a large […]

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