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UMo Monolithic LEU Fuel

Fuel plates under development for high-performance U. S. reactors con­sist of a UMo alloy foil (“U-10Mo Foil” in Figure 2-1) surrounded by a zirconium fission recoil barrier (“2X Zirconium Interlayer” in Figure 2-1) in an aluminum cladding (“Al 6061 Cladding” in Figure 2-1). The barrier is intended to prevent interactions at the interface of the fuel meat and cladding. A […]

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Other Potential Challenges

Aside from the challenges discussed above, there are several other po­tential challenges that MITR will face during the transition to an LEU-fueled core. First, MITR is likely to be the first reactor to convert using UMo monolithic LEU fuel. MITR staff is presently working to better understand how best to introduce this first-of-a-kind fuel into the reactor. The current plan […]

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