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Symmetric faults

For a symmetric fault, the reactivity increase is uni­form over the core, becoming modified as tempera­tures increase as a result of the effect of the fuel and moderator temperature coefficients of reactivity. The temperatures increase most rapidly in the chan­nels with the highest powers. The protection may involve fuel element thermocouples, channel gas outlet thermocouples or neutron flux measuring instrumen­tation. […]

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Authorisation of personnel

The nuclear site licence places a specific responsibility on the licensee to appoint duly authorised persons for covering identified areas of responsibility. The station manager has the delegated authority to make the appointments and will ensure that the appointee has the necessary qualifications and experience to carry out the function for which he has been ap­pointed. Details of all duly […]

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Handling and inspection

Since the uranium in the magnox element is natural uranium and contains only 0.7% of the fissile U-235, criticality of the fuel cannot result from its trans­portation. Thus, the sole requirement is the protection of the dements from mechanical damage. This is achieved by packing the wrapped (brown paper and polythene) elements in preformed fibre packing such that the element […]

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The Intestine

The cells of the lining of the intestine are continually lost through the action of stomach acids and digestive juices. Consequently after high radiation doses (5 Sv), insufficient parent cells may be able to divide to maintain the lining. Intake of fluids and nutrients is then reduced and body fluids and salts may be lost. At very high doses the […]

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Pond containment

The pond is designed as a water-retaining structure and as a means to provide shielding against the ionising radiation from stored fuel elements. These considera­tions necessitate typical pond external wall thicknesses of 1.0 m of concrete although walls of up to 1.7 m thickness are required where there are working areas immediately adjacent to the external walls.

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