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Core design procedure

Figure 3.4 shows the procedure followed in BWR core design. The fundamental specifications of a power plant such as reactor thermal power and operating pressure, and the main specifications of the core design such as shapes and numbers of fuel assemblies are established in the first step of the core design (Table 3.5). Next, the fuel rod design for a […]

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Design of Advanced Reactors

Hiroo Osada and Kiyonobu Yamashita Abstract Section 4.1 describes features of a fast reactor core and the procedure of the core design. The characteristics of reactivity and power distributions are explained in the nuclear design section and the reactivity control requirements are also explained in this section. The section of core thermal-hydraulic design explains the outline of the coolant flow […]

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Moderator temperature coefficient

An increase in the moderator temperature TM leads to a reduction in thermal neutron absorption due to moderator expansion and an increase in resonance absorption due to the moderating power decrease as well. They are described through f and p, respectively. Because the thermal neutron spectrum changes depending on the moderator temperature (spectral shift), there is a variation in the […]

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Nuclear and thermal-hydraulic coupled core calculation

In the nuclear reactor design calculation, the thermal-hydraulic calculation is performed based on information on the heat generation distribution acquired from the nuclear calculation of the reactor core. In LWRs, the parameters such as moderator temperature, moderator density or void fraction, and fuel tem­perature obtained from the thermal-hydraulic calculation have a large effect on nuclear characteristics (nuclear and thermal-hydraulic feedback). […]

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