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O&M and fuel cost estimate

For the purposes of the present chapter and following the discussion in section 6.3, the sums of the O&M and fuel costs for land-based SMRs were taken equal to the corresponding sums for NPPs with the reference large reactors. For barge-mounted plants, the corresponding sums were multiplied by a factor of 1.5 reflecting the assumption of a higher O&M costs […]

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Small modular reactors

Recently the so-called “mini” or small and modular reactors have attracted a lot of attention. Since 2008, several small private companies have been created in the United States to support the design development, patenting, licensing and commercialisation of several new SMR concepts. The design concepts of such reactors were analysed in this study. The conclusions are as follows:

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High temperature gas cooled reactors

High temperature gas cooled reactors (HTGRs, see a brief description in the box 4.2) were operated in the past in the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany, and there are currently two small operating experimental reactors of this type in China (HTR-10) and in Japan (HTTR). The previous operating experience, cumulatively stretching from 1965 to 1989 [4.1], is probably […]

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Specific applications and niche markets for SMRs in “off-grid” locations

Given the reference data [7.1], the evaluations performed in Sections 7.2.2 and 7.2.3 were limited to the generation of electricity (or the production of electricity and heat) in locations with large interconnected electricity grids. As noted in the previous sections, these evaluations showed that barge-mounted NPPs with small PWR-8 and PWR-35 twin-units (based on the Russian ABV and KLT-40S designs) […]

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Deployment in remote and isolated areas

Large NPPs do not fit in any of these specific markets; therefore, SMRs would compete only with the local non-nuclear energy options. To analyse the deployment potential of SMRs in remote or isolated areas, the LUEC estimates were compared with the electricity tariffs for that area (because the generating costs of other technologies would be extremely difficult to calculate). The […]

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Traditional deployment

The general conclusions from the evaluation of the competitiveness of SMRs performed for the electricity markets (in “on-grid” applications) are similar to the general findings on nuclear power presented in the recent OECD study Projected Costs of Electricity Generation, 2010 Edition. However, there are some important SMR-specific conclusions that are summarised below:

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