Synchronous Motor-Generator—Stored — Energy Eddy-Current-Coupling—Internal — Combustion-Engine System

This system (Fig 9.12) consists of a synchronous motor, fed from the utility power system, which drives a synchronous generator, which, in turn, feeds the critical a-c load. Simultaneously, a small induction motor is driving a flywheel at a speed considerably in excess of the syn­chronous generator speed. The flywheel is not coupled to the generator under normal operation since […]

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9- 2.1 System Similarities Each available power-source system provides a different degree of power continuity and independence, or isolation, from the plant auxiliary-power system In general, each system has a form of stored energy for providing power to the critical bus during an unacceptable frequency or voltage excursion and during the time interval when it becomes necessary to disconnect the […]

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Installation of Instrumentation Systems

R. James Hall, Jerry J Engel, Gordon W. Young, and R. W. Madsen 10- 1 INTRODUCTION The designers and constructors of the first nuclear power plants generally followed installation practices al­ready established for conventional process and chemical industries Adapting process instrumentation systems to nuclear power plants was reasonably successful However, nuclear radiation systems had no conventional counter­parts During installation and […]

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8- 3.1 General System Categories Instrumentation and control power systems may be categorized as either interruptible or nomnterruptible. (a) Interruptible Systems. Interruptible systems are those m which power is obtained directly from the plant auxiliary-power system through suitable filters and regulat­ing equipment, if they are required to improve the power quality. An interruption of plant auxiliary power results in total […]

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The relative importance of the steps in control system design and the order in which they should be taken dependon the kind and size of the facility, the project components to which the design tasks are assigned, and the time and money constraints imposed No matter what the design procedure, experience has shown the importance of formu­lating and documenting certain […]

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