Design Control

(a) Early Coordination Efforts. A typical engineering organization has a development group that is responsible for the design work involved in developing new products If the new product is tied in with a production contract, quality-assurance coordination must be factored into the design cycle as early as possible This can be accomplished by setting up a team of four or […]

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Purpose To establish a method of identifying raw- material stock in terms of basic composition and thermal condition Scope This procedure applies to raw metallic material that is to be used for production purposes in the Fabrication Department Specifically excluded are castings and extrusions or any other material that is produced in accordance with engineering drawings and is assigned a […]

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Qualification Testing

(a) Test Instruction Preparation Once prototype testing is completed and the design specifications and drawings are released to Manufacturing, the qualification test program must be developed The prototype testing phase establishes design feasibility and engineering speci fications On the other hand, the qualification testing phase probes whether the product really does meet the engineer­ing specifications when manufactured under normal pro­duction […]

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Grounding of Electrical Switchgear and Motor Control Centers

Improper grounding of the electrical switchgear, motor control centers, and machinery has been a source of electrical noise for reactor instrumentation A ground bus with a rating equal to the rating of the largest circuit breaker in the structure should extend throughout the largest of the switchgear assemblies. Each enclosure should be grounded directly to the ground bus The frame […]

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Purchased-Materials Quality Assurance

(a) Review and Coding of Material Requests Vendor quality can be controlled by having Quality Engineering review all requests for production materials and parts When the requests are reviewed, several aspects should be kept in mind the estimated cost of the purchased item, the functional criticality of the item, and the relation of the item to the production schedule There […]

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