3. Preselection of a Basic System Configuration

The most effective reliability efforts are those expended during the preliminary design phase while the system configuration is being determined During this period the reliability considerations can influence design decisions and ensure that the chosen configuration is one that can be developed to meet the reliability requirements The process is an iterative one, with the designer continually looping back and […]

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Table 10.10 has been prepared as a summary of the material presented in this chapter It is intended to furnish the reader with an easy reference on sound installation practices and problem areas in the installation of reactor instrumentation systems Opinions on sound installation practices are diverse in the nuclear industry, however, the opinions expressed in Table 10 10 are […]

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Quality Assurance and Reliability

Leland G. Marquis and Ivan M. Jacobs 11- 1.1 Definition of Terms Quality assurance comprises all those planned and syste­matic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a structure, system, or component will perform satisfactorily in service Quality assurance includes quality control, which comprises those quality assurance actions related to the physical characteristics of materials, struc­tures, or systems which provide […]

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