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Figure 2.3 illustrates schematically the principal components of a typical nuclear fission reactor. In this typical reactor the coolant (high-pressure C02 in the AGR case chosen for illustration) at high pressure is driven by the coolant circulator over the fuel element. In many reactors (including the AGR case illustrated) this consists of pellets of uranium in oxide form sealed in […]

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Energy Balances in the PWR under Fault Conditions

A typical P’^TC. generating about 1100 MW(e) of electrical power would have a decay heat generation of about 200 MW(t) immediately after shutdown. This compares with 3400 ^MW(t) thermal energy generation immediately before shut­down. Removal of this decay heat is well within the capability of the low-pressure cooling system illustrated in Figure 4.4 provided the reactor can be depressurized rapidly […]

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