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Concrete 4.196. Concrete should have characteristics of quality and performance (strength, porosity and tightness) consistent with its use. The quality of the concrete used for containment structures should be correspondingly high, consistent with the safety function of the containment. Design considerations will depend on the containment concept: a concrete containment with stressed cables usually ensures both strength and leaktightness, whereas […]

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One of the statutory functions of the IAEA is to establish or adopt standards of safety for the protection of health, life and property in the development and application of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, and to provide for the application of these standards to its own operations as well as to assisted operations and, at the request of the […]

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III—9. Postulated in-vessel steam explosions are generally judged not to threaten the integrity of the containment. III-10. Failure of the reactor vessel at high or low pressures, in conjunction with the presence of water within the reactor cavity, may lead to interactions between fuel and coolant with the potential for rapid steam generation or steam explosions. Rapid steam generation may […]

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Use of probabilistic safety assessment in design

1.53. A probabilistic safety assessment should be started early in the design process. The probabilistic safety assessment should be used for identification of the core damage frequency (in a Level 1 probabilistic safety assessment) as well as for determination of plant damage states and their frequency (often called a Level 1+ probabilistic safety assessment). These probabilistic safety assessment data are […]

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Containment bypass

4.145. Containment bypass events arise when a fault sequence allows primary coolant and any accompanying fission products to escape to the outside atmosphere without being processed by containment systems for the management of energy, radionuclides and combustible gases. In interfacing system LOCAs, valves isolating the low pressure piping fail and the piping connected to the reactor coolant system fails outside […]

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