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Skeptical Scientists

It is not just some pundits and politicians who disagree with the theory that anthropogenic greenhouse gases are causing global warming. Some prominent scientists have also raised questions. One of the foremost is S. Fred Singer, who is most famous in the popular press for his (and co-author Dennis T. Avery’s) 2008 New York Times best seller Unstoppable Global Warming: […]

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Oil and Natural Gas

Edwin L. (Colonel) Drake, hired by the Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company that was formed by the original investors, found the answer. He was hired to adapt the methods of salt drilling, invented by the Chinese, to drill for oil. On August 27, 1859—just when the investors’ money was completely gone and the order had been given to halt drilling—barrels of […]

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Our story jumps back to the sixteenth century for an entirely new kind of energy that yet again transformed the world. In the Bohemian region of the present-day Czech Republic, near the border with Germany, silver was discovered in a for­est surrounded by mountains known as the Krusne Hory (Cruel Mountains) because of harsh winter storms. As the miners dug […]

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