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Description of the passive management of accidents in the design basis conditions

Among the design basis conditions, the main accidental transients (blackout, steam line rupture, steam generator tube rupture, and LOCA) were studied with the CATHARE code. All calculations were performed with 4 out of 16 available RRP loops. These four RRPs are automatically actuated with the shutdown signal. In case of failure of the actuation, a control system will actuate other […]

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Description of the cooling of the core melt within the reactor pressure vessel in the event of a severe accident

In the event of a core melt accident, pools of water located outside of the reactor pressure vessel will flood the lower part of the reactor cavity outside the pressure vessel. The pools are located above the pressure suppression chamber and are approximately two-thirds full of water. They are physically separated from each other by four equipment compartments containing mechanical […]

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Description of passive system to maintain low inter-containment gap (annulus) atmosphere pressure

To substantially limit the release of fission products beyond the containment; a permanent under pressure is maintained in the inter-containment gap of the V-392 design. This safety function, one of the most important, is fulfilled by two systems: (1) an exhaust ventilation system equipped with a filtering plant with suction from the inter-containment gap and outlet into the stack; (2) […]

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