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SMRs in PR of China: ACP100

18.3.1 Introduction of ACP100 Since 2010, one type of small and medium-size water-cooled pressurized reactor called ACP100 has been developed by China’s national nuclear corporation. ACP100 is an innovative reactor based on existing PWR technology, adapting a ‘passive’ safety system and ‘integrated’ reactor design technology. After 3 years’ development, its overall design was complete, including conceptual design and basic design. […]

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Small modular reactors (SMRs) the case of Russia

V. Kuznetsov Consultant, Austria 17.1 Introduction The category of small modular reactors (SMRs), includes those with an equivalent electric output less than ~300 MW(e), having a high degree of factory fabrication allowing for transportation of factory-assembled reactor modules or even the whole plant by barge, rail or truck, and with an option to build power stations of flexible capacity through […]

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Sociological public-acceptance factors

These might be markedly different from those in developed countries (Hecht, 2012). This has to do with differing value systems and weight given to different socioeconomic aspects, for example, antipathy to coal mining or conversely national reliance on coal mining; environmental desiderata; water scarcity; the existence of mining operations; the relative openness and transparency of energy policymaking and bid procedures; […]

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The 4S concept is a small modular SFR with the good safety features and a very long operation period without refueling. It has been proposed by the Toshiba Corporation (Tsuboi et al., 2009, 2012) in cooperation with CRIEPI (Central Research Institute of Power Industries). The features of the 4S are summarized in Table 19.8. A schematic view of the reactor […]

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