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20.6.2 Utilization of regional mechanisms

Second, a template for education, training, skills — and institution-building to support specifically SMR nuclear programs in multiple countries would shorten an indispensable rate-determining step (Goodman and Storey, 2012). A new country aiming to develop a nuclear regulatory body from scratch is presented with a daunting prospect, especially if the achievement of regulatory competence is tied to delivery of a […]

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Inclusion rather than ‘exceptionalism’

Third, these standards themselves, and regulations and international rules governing the use of nuclear power, need to be reconsidered in a more inclusive perspective. Instead of persisting in a ‘nuclear exceptionalism’ that no longer adequately serves the needs of the whole global community, a wider perspective should be taken (Abdel-Aziz et al., 2009; Hecht, 2012).

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Post-Fukushima actions

The CAREM prototype design was reviewed considering Fukushima experience. Topics like seismic requirements, loss of heat sink and black-out were considered. The design basis earthquake was reviewed. A risk-based criterion, based in Argentine Regulations AR 3.10.1 and AR 3.1.3, was used. CAREM-25 considers in its design base the loss of heat sink and station black-out during the grace period. Provisions […]

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