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Principal R&D areas of the DOE-NE Advanced Reactor Technology (ART) program

14.3.1 Development of advanced ICHMI ICHMIs represent enabling technologies that can strongly impact reactor operations, performance, and safety. The A-SMRs as well as the LW-SMRs of the future will employ digital ICHMI systems. This fact coupled with a new paradigm of operating multi-modular units that may be used to produce electric power and process heat present new challenges. The ICHMI […]

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Enhanced safety characteristics

Safety features incorporated into the SMART design enhance the accident resistance of SMART. The integral arrangement of the primary system removes large pipe connections between major components and, thus, fundamentally eliminates the possibility of LB LOCA. The canned motor RCP eliminates the need for an RCP seal, and basically eliminates the potential for a SB LOCA associated with the seal […]

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