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Small modular reactors (SMRs) for producing nuclear energy: international developments

D. T. Ingersoll NuScale Power LLC, Oak Ridge, TN, USA 2.1 Introduction The pursuit of small modular reactors (SMRs) is both a persistent and global phenomenon with widespread interest from developers and customers alike. Some of the earliest concepts emerged in the 1970s for merchant ship propulsion and industrial process heat applications. Today, more than 50 concepts have been reported […]

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Fuel cycle compatibility with facilities and strategy

The SMRs of different coolant types employ very different fuel types. The water — cooled as well as the lead-bismuth-cooled SMRs use uranium dioxide (UO2) ceramic fuel; the gas-cooled SMRs use graphite and silicon carbide coated UO2 particles in graphite compacts or pebbles; the sodium-cooled reactor uses metallic UZr with minor actinides; and the lead-cooled SMR uses mononitride mixed fuel […]

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Light-water-cooled reactors

The vast majority of operating reactors, commercial and military, use light (normal) water as the primary reactor coolant. Given the extensive operational experience with light-water reactors (LWRs), it is the technology of choice for reactor vendors who want to get their product to market quickly and for potential customers who are concerned about investment risk. Thirteen of the 22 SMR […]

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United States: NuScale design

NuScale Power LLC was formed in 2007 to commercialize an SMR design that had been initially developed during 2000-2003 by a research team at Oregon State University and the Idaho National Laboratory. Fluor joined NuScale Power in 2011 as its major investor and strategic partner. Each NuScale Power Module produces 50 MWe (gross) from a simplified integral system configuration that […]

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Overview of different types of small modular reactors (SMRs)

As with the current large-rated reactors, SMR coolants can be light water, gas, or liquid metal. Key SMR examples of these primary system coolant types with their principal design parameters are presented in Table 1.2. The coolant properties which dictate the different design characteristics of these SMRs are presented in Table 1.3. Principal among them are:

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Russian Federation: SVBR-100 design

The SVBR-100 builds on the former Russian experience with lead-bismuth reactor technology used for several submarine propulsion units. It is a pool-type fast — spectrum reactor with forced circulation of the low-pressure primary coolant using two main circulation pumps. The initial core fuel is UO2 with a 235U enrichment below 20%, although subsequent fuel loads may contain U-Pu mixed oxide […]

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