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Documents or other media which describe process or establish criteria shall be adequately prepared, reviewed, approved, issued, distributed, authorized and, as required, validated. In the same way, records reflecting the fulfilment of quality requirements shall be specified, prepared, reviewed, approved and maintained in good condition for an established period of time. Both documents and records should be adequately stored for […]

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The initial design and the subsequent changes shall be carried out in accor­dance with established codes, standards, requirements and design bases. The adequacy of design shall be verified and validated, before the imple­mentation, by additional individuals or groups. Design changes should be justified and submitted to controls commensurate with the original design.

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Quality assurance during operation

If decommissioning is not considered, operation is the last and longest stage of a nuclear project. The technical aspects of decommissioning are consid­ered in Chapter 24. In this period, the quality assurance programme must retain criteria applied in previous stages, because design, construction and commissioning are still present to a lesser extent but with the same relevance. Additionally, the programme […]

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