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Quality assurance during design

Design is the first stage of a nuclear project in which quality assurance has to be applied within the context of this chapter. The correct application, from the beginning, of the quality assurance principles will provide ade­quate confidence that all criteria, regulations, codes and standards have been taken into account and incorporated in the design process of safety — related […]

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The federal structure of Germany has created a different approach which could be of interest to other countries. The Federal government has legisla­tive power over peaceful development of nuclear power, but the licensing authority belongs to the governments of the Lander or States, which act on behalf of the Federal authority. Technical expertise is mainly held within public or semi-public […]

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Quality assurance during design, construction and operation of nuclear power plants

R. GASCA, Asociacion Nuclear Asco — Vandellos II, Spain Abstract: In order to provide enough confidence that the nuclear station will produce electricity in a safe and reliable way, the implementation of quality assurance principles is necessary. This chapter identifies the main elements for establishing and implementing a quality assurance system for the stages of design, construction commissioning and operation […]

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Alternative calculations

The verification of some kind of calculations or design analysis can be per­formed, comparing the original results to those obtained through other methodologies of analysis or calculation. When alternative calculations are used to verify original calculations, reviews should be performed to confirm the adequacy of assumptions, the input data, the computer code and any other method of calculation used.

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