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Biochemical conversion of biomass

4.1 Biomethanation 4.1.1 What is biomethanation? “Methane fermentation” or “anaerobic digestion” is usually used to indicate “biomethanation”. Biomethanation is a complex microbial process in which organic compounds are degraded into methane and carbon dioxide by variety of anaerobes. This biogas has a low heating value of 20-25 MJ/m3-N (5,000~6,000 kcal/m3-N) and can be used for fuel after desulfurization of hydrogen […]

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Current Biomass Electrification Used in Cambodia

There are biomass fuelled electricity generation facilities in Cambodia. (i) Centre for Livestock and Agriculture Development (CelAgrid) CelAgrid is the institute conducting various research on rural development mainly based on agricultural technologies. There are 17 academic staff and 40 students working in the institute. They purchased a 9 kWe (gross) biomass gasification electricity generation system from Ankur Scientific (India) in […]

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