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Threatened by Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuel Companies Highlight Their Role in Alleviating Poverty

With environment envoys from almost 200 countries gathered in Lima to negotiate greenhouse-gas limits, Exxon this week urged governments to heed what it called “this imperative of human progress” when designing climate rules. The chief executive officer of Peabody, the largest U.S. coal producer, was more direct in September, arguing it would be “misguided and anti-poor” to spurn fossil fuels.

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While Germany Explores Energy Storage Technologies at Breakneck Speeds, The US Isn’t Far Behind

“One of the shots that was heard around the world was AB 2514, which is a California mandate for the minimum amount of energy storage the utilities have to install by 2020. That minimum allocated across the three major IOUs in California — Southern California Edison (SCE), Pacific Gas Electric (PGE) and San Diego Gas and Electric (SDGE) — totals […]

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Could Siting New Wind Farms Be Simply about Finding the Right Supply-Demand Match?

The Problem Most wind energy farms in the United States are located in the gusty, high-velocity wind areas of the Midwest. This region benefits tremendously from a bountiful supply of wind energy. Other regions of the country, such as the Southeast, experience lower wind velocities, yet have a high concentration of population. In these regions, there exists a mismatch of […]

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NextEra Buys Hawaii’s Biggest Utility To Study Renewable Energy in the Island State

Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc. has been among the utility owners most vulnerable to challenges casued by distributed solar power, in a state with the most expensive electricity rates in the nation. As customers defect to generating their own electricity from rooftop systems, the utility has said it aims to cut rates by 20 percent over the next 15 years by […]

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