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Renewable Energy Review: United Kingdom

Here is the firm’s assessment of the U.K. Clearing the EC Hurdle The U.K.’s transition to a competitive auction mechanism that awards contract for difference (CfD) FITs received state aid clearance from the European Commission (EC) in late July, representing another milestone in the execution of the Government’s Electricity Market Reform (EMR). While this is welcome news for the market, it needs to be seen in […]

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Transforming the Grid with Clean Energy — Reliably — Every Day

And, as a new NRDC fact sheet published today illustrates, the electric grid can handle much higher levels of zero-carbon wind and solar power, far more than what’s necessary to achieve the relatively modest carbon emission reductions in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to limit pollution from existing power plants. But first, a little background on how our nation’s electric system […]

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Powering Up Turkey with Hydropower

Indeed, benefitting from its mountainous landscape and position between three seas, Turkey has a significant hydropower capacity, estimated at some 433 TWh a year in total, of which some 140 TWh a year is thought economically viable. To put this in context, according to Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation figures electricity demand is expected to reach around 420 TWh annually by […]

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